The University of Newcastle, Australia

Intellectual Property, Cultural Property And Intangible Cultural Heritage

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Professor Christoph Antons has released a book ‘Intellectual Property, Cultural Property and Intangible Cultural Heritage’, co-edited with heritage expert Professor William Logan of Deakin University.

'Intellectual Property, Cultural Property and Intangible Cultural Heritage' is part of a Routledge series titled “Key Issues in Cultural Heritage’ and examines various notions of property in relation to intangible cultural heritage, and discusses how these are employed in rights discourses by governments, and Indigenous and local communities around the world. Using case studies from Asia, Europe, and Australia the book examines conflicts and cross-border disputes.

The book is one of the outcomes of the ARC Discovery project ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage Across Borders: Laws, Structures and Strategies in China and its ASEAN Neighbours’. Professor Antons is the lead investigator on this ARC project, which also includes the co-investigators Professor William Logan, Professor Carol Warren (Murdoch University) and Professor Jianfu Chen (La Trobe University), associate investigator Dr Alexandra Denes (Chiang Mai University) as well as PhD students at the University of Newcastle, Deakin University and Murdoch University.

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