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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Marketing and Tourism students meet leading industry professionals

That was the question asked to our university students by the newly formed Marketing External Advisory Board. Over 70 students from the Marketing and Tourism Discipline said yes! And enjoyed an evening with eight of Newcastle’s leading marketing professionals. Members of the board shared their experiences and donated prizes towards the evening.

The Marketing External Advisory Board has been established to bring academics from the marketing discipline together with industry professionals to shape the development of the marketing curriculum and student learning experience. The newly formed board includes:

  • Joel Goodsir, Inspirations Paint
  • Clair Coleman, The Wests Group/Newcastle Knights
  • Peter Chapman, Enigma
  • Sarah Dennis, Fresh Marketing
  • Matt Hingston, Greater Bank
  • Sally Eagleton, Liberty Onesteel
  • Jessica Bower, Nib Health Funds

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