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Congratulations to a UON Bright Spark

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Newcastle Law School PhD candidate Dakshina Chandra has been shortlisted as an Amplify Bright Sparks finalist

Each of us at some point in our life are probably going to need legal advice. However, for financial or geographical reasons, we might not have access to this advice. Dakshina Chandra, PhD Law candidate at the Newcastle Law School, is using this as a springboard for her research.

"If law is binding on all of you, then legal services should be accessible to all of you." This is part of the pitch for what Dakshina calls "the Netflix of legal services". Her research seeks to identify areas of legal service that can be replaced or augmented by technology and it's this pitch that has led her to become a finalist in Amplify Festival 2015 Bright Sparks competition.

AMP's Amplify Festival seeks to use leading edge thinking and exciting new technologies to explore new and innovative ways of doing business. The Bright Sparks competition sees PhD candidates from across the country compete to pitch their thesis to a panel of industry judges and a live business audience with the winner claiming $5000 to go towards their idea.

As a finalist Dakshina took part in three days of competition training where she received coaching on pitching to a live audience, performance and media training. All of these will be put to use when she presents her pitch in the final being held on Wednesday 3 June  in Sydney. The final is open to the public and you can purchase tickets at the Bright Sparks website.

"I want to work towards a world where safe legal technology tools will help people with their everyday legal problems."

Dakshina has launchied a Pozible crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is to sponsor a trip to the New York Legal Tech show and to attend seminars and workshops organised by Reinvent Law Laboratory.

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