STAR4200 launches at UON

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Have you ever thought about launching a product, but weren’t sure if the entrepreneur life is for you?


STAR4200 – How to Launch a Product Without Starting a Business, an online elective course, will be launching at the University of Newcastle in Semester 1 2019.

Stephen Key, a leading expert of product licensing, will be teaching a 10-step process to bringing a product to market with minimal risk in this course. Key has brought various concepts to market, including products in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and parks worldwide. They’ve also been endorsed by Taylor Swift, Alex Trebek, and Michael Jordan. He’s also an author and weekly contributor for Forbes Inc. and Entrepreneur.

The course is open to all students as an online elective and will take you through the tenets of modern entrepreneurship, providing a guide on making your creative ideas come to life. The course will cover critical pillars of bringing a product to life through licensing, such as the licensing business model, DIY prototyping, designing effective marketing materials, and negotiating a licensing agreement. Whether you’re new to business, want to mould your idea to your industry, or are looking for an elective that that will peak your interest, there are valuable insights to be gained from Key’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

As the course is online, there is a two-hour online activity to be completed every week for ten weeks starting in week 1, supplemented with your assessments. You’ll have online quizzes to be completed weekly, as well as three reports.

Key teaches product licensing to Universities and governmental organisations globally, and in 2017 cofounded Inventor Groups of America, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting the efforts of inventor associations across the United States. Patent attorney Gene Quinn, founder of the popular intellectual property law blog, will be guest lecturing alongside Key.

The STAR4200 course is an exciting opportunity to harness the world-leading insights of Stephen Key, and learn about the different paths to bringing an idea to life. For more information on the course visit the course outline.