Why I Give

Monday, 14 September 2020

Why I Give
Mrs Glenn and the late Dr Ken Moss (PhD, 1974; Bachelor of Engineering, 1968) with scholarship recipient Dr Yik Ren Teo (PhD, 2017; Master of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering), 2013; Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), 2010).

My husband Ken and I were fortunate to receive a tertiary education and as a consequence valued highly our educational experiences and the opportunities they then afforded us.

I hope that PhD students studying mechanical engineering who are facing financial pressures will benefit from a top-up to their existing scholarship monies, and so be enabled to complete their studies and research.
It’s always thrilling to learn of recipients’ work, which is cutting edge and highly relevant to our rapidly changing world."

Glenn Moss

Proud Novocastrian and former Chancellor, Dr Ken Moss AM, was a strong supporter of the University from his student days. The Glenn & Ken Moss Research Higher Degree Scholarships support the next generation of research leaders in mechanical engineering, a field Ken was most passionate about.

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