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RESPONSE exhibition @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

Friday, 28 June 2019

Response is a partnership between the University Gallery and the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens. 12 local artists respond to the natural environment of this important regional environment, installing sculptural works along the pathways of the gardens. Find their works installed on site until 4 August.

‘Response’ is a collaboration between the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens and the University of Newcastle’s staff, students and alumni from creative arts in which they respond to the natural environment of the HRBG. The exhibition creates an evocative space for creative freedom in concert with a respectful engagement with the sub-tropical rainforest area in the gardens and provides a new interpretation for visitors.

Sculpture has long held a dialogue with spaces – architectural and natural. ‘Response’ offers participating artists the opportunity to embed an artwork in an important regional environment. The artists chosen for this project have all worked with sculptural form as a non-invasive practice that respects the landscape in which it is sited. The works are placed without machinery, or other interventions that may harm the environment. Many of these works are of an ephemeral nature, with an intended gentle deterioration of the work over the duration of the exhibition.

Artists include Stela Brix, Andy Devine, Megan McCarthy, Michael Garth, Louisa Magrics, Brett McMahon, Kris Smith, Braddon Snape, Andrew Styan, Peter Tilley, Annika Thurbon, and Gavin Vitullo.

Response is a partnership between the University Gallery at the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, and runs from 22 June until 4 August 2019 at the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens.

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
2100 Pacific Highway
Heatherbrae 2324

For more information on the artists included or for the site sheet please contact:
The University Gallery: | 02 4921 5255

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