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Cherie Johnson In Conversation

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson

On Thursday 3 April a small but passionate group of gallery visitors enjoyed an Artist Talk by the engaging Cherie Johnson. Cherie is currently exhibiting photomedia work in the University Gallery, as part of the Spiritlands exhibition, along side two other local artists Nicole Chaffey and Tara Standing.

Cherie shared her experience of developing a new reclamation project, which will be exhibited in the University Gallery later in 2014. One lucky attendee had the opportunity to model Cherie's wonderful possum skin cloak.

Over the past four years I have been working closing with a number of elders and various groups learning and teaching the process of making traditional possum skin cloaks. During this time I have observed and become fascinated with the spiritual and emotional wellbeing people are experiencing along this journey.
The essence of this proposed exhibition is to capture that moment, the physical manifestation of that process as people wear or remember wearing a possum skin cloak for the first time.
As I am a contemporary artist I have decided to create a modification of a traditional cloak into a contemporary cape. I do this out of respect for traditional practice and to educate others that as Aboriginal people, all art we create is Aboriginal regardless if 'appears' to be.

- Cherie Johnson, April 2014

Spiritlands is on exhibition until 17 April.

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