The University of Newcastle, Australia

The Long-Distance Journey to Realise Her Dream

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

For as long as she can remember, Breanna Worth has been moving furniture around her bedroom and coming up with new designs for the family home.

Breanna Worth, Shaping Futures Scholarship Recipient

Growing up in NSW’s Northern Tablelands, far from the usual resources and freedoms of other aspiring designers, Breanna has shown exceptional resilience to pursue her dreams.

After years combining distance education, hours commuting to and from school and responsibilities on the family property, she is now studying Design (Architecture) at the University of Newcastle, with support from a Shaping Futures Scholarship.

“My family faces many challenges due to serious illnesses and living in a remote area. The scholarship means I can afford to live on-campus and concentrate on my learning. I’m so grateful and determined to make the most of the opportunities on offer.” - Breanna Worth, Shaping Futures Scholarship recipient.

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