The University of Newcastle, Australia

Legacy Empowers Survivors of Domestic Violence

Saturday, 1 September 2018

The impacts of domestic violence can be far-reaching, often affecting a person’s ability to study. Research shows that significant recovery can occur when survivors have access to social, educational or financial support.

Helen Maslen

Motivated by her own experiences, Helen Maslen has generously donated funds to set up a scholarship to help other domestic violence survivors create a new life for themselves and their children by supporting them in their education goals.

“Being able to study at University could be an important part of the survival and healing process, and we are so grateful to Helen for providing this opportunity through the scholarship.” – Professor Penny Jane Burke, Global Innovation Chair of Equity.

Join Helen in her goal to empower people to fulfil their potential through the transformative power of higher education: contact Leanne Innes on 02 4921 8612 or email

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