Historians Take Flight with New Travel Scholarship

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

While literary sources are valuable, sometimes you just need to see it for yourself to really understand a place.

The Odyssey Travel Scholarship will enable Classics and Ancient History students to gain a deeper understanding of their research area. ‘Lykaion looking East’ is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

A new scholarship funded by generous University of Newcastle alumni is helping Classics and Ancient History PhD students experience the landscape, geography, culture and artefacts of the ancient world in person.

For Australian-based students, the high cost of travelling to sites of Greek and Roman influence and occupation can put a study visit out of reach. Eligible scholars can now apply annually for an Odyssey Travel Scholarship to visit sites in the countries and regions bordering the northern Mediterranean to aid their understanding and help with research.

The inaugural recipient Tanika Koosmen (BA (Hons) 2016), a Classics PhD student, plans to visit the archaeological site of Mount Lykaion in Greece. Tanika studies the mythological origins of the werewolf and is interested in how classical figures intersect with modern art, literature and film. On her return, she’ll present her findings to share the benefits of the travel scholarship with her peers.

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