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Chasing His Dream to Serve Others

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) student and Singapore Alumni Scholarship recipient, Harry Reuben is one semester away from completing his degree and one step closer to returning home to his community on Palm Island with his new knowledge and skills.

Harry Reuben, Scholarship recipient
Harry Reuben Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) Singapore Alumni Scholarship recipient

Harry has just completed a work placement with Regional Support Services in Gosford, gaining valuable case work experience with the Indigenous Youth Justice Program. On his return home to Palm Island, 65 kilometres northeast of Townsville in northern Queensland, he plans to work with the Palm Island Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC).

As one of seven Singapore Alumni Scholarship recipients awarded in 2019, Harry has used the support from his scholarship to meet his financial commitments like paying rent and travelling to work placements without the need to juggle work and study commitments during his degree.

The disadvantage stops with me

Palm Islanders are known as the 'Bwgcolman People', meaning 'many tribes, one people', acknowledging the shared history with over forty different clans. The community faces many challenges but there is hope too for the future.

“You really notice the difference when you move from a remote community to the city. The disadvantage hits home. But Palm Island is a beautiful place and I can’t wait to get back and start work. I want to help more young people develop their own capacity and capability to be self-determined, to have dreams and work to achieve them. The disadvantage stops with me,” says Harry.

I’m so thankful to the Singapore Alumni Scholarship donors who have empowered me to give 100% to my studies and chase my dream.I’m living proof you can go from being vulnerable and disadvantaged to smashing barriers and breaking stereotypes. It’s my time to make a difference.”

- Harry Reuben
Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services)
Singapore Alumni Scholarship recipient

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