The University of Newcastle, Australia

40% Growth in Giving

Friday, 20 July 2018

Results from the University’s Annual Appeal show that philanthropy through the University is going from strength-to-strength and creating more new opportunities every-year.

Philanthropy at UON is breaking new ground year-on-year thanks to the generosity of our valued staff and University donor community, a fact that is not lost on the many students and researchers who are already changing the world with the assistance of philanthropic donations.

Brandan (pictured) is another Shaping Futures Scholarship recipient who has admirably refused to let adversity prevent him from pursuing a career helping others. Last year Brandan had overcome his own serious health issues, was juggling a part-time job, full-time studies in biotechnology (honours) and providing disability care for his father. This usually meant working a 60 to 70 hour week.

“My dad is a type one diabetic and suffers from a chronic back injury,” says Brandan. “I took a part-time job to help us pay for groceries. I also helped care for him and drove him to the shops and appointments.”

At the University of Newcastle, 24.9 per cent of our students come from low socio-economic backgrounds, well above the sector average of 16 per cent. Thanks to the assistance of individuals who support equity in tertiary education, 55 students, from a total of 477 applicants, were awarded Shaping Futures Scholarships in 2018.

"When I received the scholarship, my mum and I cried. My parents never had the opportunity to attend university, let alone a world-renowned university like the University of Newcastle,” says Brandan.

Our annual tax appeal has raised over $110,000 in May and June this year, an increase of more than 40% on the previous year and well ahead of the $90,000 target. Donors have generously supported the Shaping Futures Scholarship Fund ($88,794) and twelve other funds through the University, secure in the knowledge that 100% of their gift is impacting directly on their chosen cause.
Additionally, the annual tax appeal has prompted 5 bequest inquiries and introduced a fortnightly or monthly regular donation option for donors who are not staff.

“The groundswell of support that we are experiencing is thanks to highly collaborative efforts across the University and the wider community. Every contribution counts. Whether it’s contributing to a scholarship opportunity for someone with talent, but without the means to attend university, or providing much-needed resources for breakthroughs in research, it all leads to a greater collective impact.” Brad Holmes, Head of Philanthropic Programs said.

If you are already part of this wonderful donor community – Thank you! Your support coupled with dedicated resourcing and expertise in institutional advancement is building a strong culture of philanthropy here at UON, helping to secure the future of education and research in our region. If you're not already part of our staff payroll giving community and would like to be, it only takes two minutes to join, and you can give as little as $2 per fortnight.

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