The University of Newcastle, Australia


The themes of the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health (UONDRH) Research Strategy are:

  • Enhancing health services to improve outcomes for regional communities
  • Evaluating rural training impact on retaining health workforce in rural communities

UONDRH research targets the health and well-being of rural communities, with foci on:

  • Rural training strategies for recruiting and retaining healthcare practitioners
  • Understanding students’ and graduates’ decision-making about future practice plans
  • Inter-professional learning and collaborative practice
  • Establishing a rural ‘pipeline’ in medicine and other health professions.

Specific projects address rural health education, health workforce planning, service delivery models, Indigenous health and mental health.

The diagram below shows a model that summarises the UONDRH research strategic directions.

The two main axes are the major themes of the UONDRH Research Strategy, with the target populations shown at the ends of the axes:

Vertical axis - ‘Patients or Clients’ and ‘Practitioners’

Horizontal axis - 'Students' and 'Graduates'

The quadrants that are subdivided into eight segments, each representing a field of ‘research strategic interest’. Surrounding the diagram is a matrix of partner organisations or funding bodies.