End of Trip Facilities

End of trip facilities (ETFs) refer to showers, toilets, change rooms, and lockers to assist you at the end of your active travel and are located on most campuses.


Bike Hubs are modern undercover secure bike storage spaces with end of trip facilities and bike repair equipment.

At Callaghan, Bike Hub East is located at the front of the Student Services Centre whilst Bike Hub West is located at the front of the Social Sciences Building. Click on the campus map to view the location of the bike hubs.

In NeW Space, secure undercover storage for 217 bikes and modern end of trip facilities is provided in the new bike hub under University House.

The bike hub facilities are access controlled and you will need to swipe your student card to gain entry.


Bikes can be stored in one of the two types of bike storage racks available. It is your responsibility to ensure your have secured your bike to the racks. The racks cannot be reserved and they are allocated on a first come basis. Any locks left on racks without bikes will be removed.


The lockers are individually pin protected by your own unique chosen 4 digit pin. Follow the instructions on the lockers to open and close the lockers. The lockers are programmed to automatically unlock at midnight every night. Please ensure you have removed your personal items prior to this time.


Single occupant unisex shower cubicles with separate change space are part of all our bike hubs. You will need to bring your own toiletries and towels.


The facilities are available 24/7.


Access to the bike hubs is via a valid student ID card. CCTV cameras also operate outside the buildings and the facilities are included in regular campus Security patrols.