Bike Library @ UON

Its like a library but for bikes!  It's a place where you can learn about bikes, socialise with other people who use bikes, buy or borrow bikes.   The bike library at UON offer great physical and mental health, cost savings, and on campus bike and electric assist support for students and staff.

The bike library is housed at the rear of the Bike Hub East in the bike hubs. (From the Bike Hub East entrance walk around the hub to the car park side and you will see the BLC.)

Bike Love Corral

The name of our bike library is the Bike Love Corral.     The University of Newcastle Bicycle User Group (NuBUG) is the operating member of the BikeLoveCorral on Newcastle campus at Callaghan.   NuBUG is a cycling advocacy group for staff and students, which promotes cycling for fun, camaraderie, sport and transport. 

The BLC is a group of community volunteer groups, including NuBUG, working towards an ethical, safe, healthy, sustainable transport network for cyclists, active travel, accessibility, and three wheeled mobility electric assist devices. 


The workshop provides bike servicing and hire and is a great meeting place for other bike riding enthusiasts.

They offer:

  • bike hire (bike library)
  • bike repairs and checks
  • bike repair workshops
    • 3rd Wednesday of every month from 3:00 - 4:00 pm 
  • cheap (or free) fully serviced 2nd hand bicycles, parts, fixing.

Visit Bike Love Corral the for the latest to member benefits, safety tips, social rides, and cycle support.

Bike Love Corral operates out of Bike Hub East.