Cycling to UNI

Check out the range of Active Travel Guides available for travelling to the Callaghan or Newcastle City campus

One of the cheapest ways to travel to UNI is by cycling, and it has the added bonus of boosting your fitness at the same time. If you live in the city, it's a comfortable 10 – 16km trip via two routes to our Callaghan campus. Should you cycle at a leisurely pace, this will get you here in under an hour, but, if you're a committed cyclist cycling to uni can take less than 30 minutes from the city. (That's faster than the bus!)

Cycling has a range of benefits:

  • It's free
    • Plus, you could save up to $50 a week in fuel, parking and vehicle maintenance costs.
  • It's fun, saves time, and parking's easy
    • Save time by combining your commute and fitness. Plus, with congestion on the rise, cycling can be faster than driving.
  • It's good for you
    • Regular bike riding can reduce the risk of serious diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Studies show that bike riders are fitter, more efficient and productive at work for short-term memory and concentration.
  • It's good for the environment
    • Cycling is a zero emissions commute, reduces air and noise pollution.

Bike Maintenance

The bike maintenance fact sheet provides a snapshot of the top 10 maintenance tips.

Have a flat tire or slipped chain?  Check out this fact sheet for a step by step guide to fixing.

Need immediate service?  The Bike Love Corral is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to assist or fix your bike and keep you cycling to UNi or home! 

Want hands on learning and fixing? Then come along to  our monthly Bike Maintenance Workshop.

Visit the UON Bike Library for more information on bike maintenance services offered at Callaghan campus.

Bike Security

It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your bike on campus. Here are a few tips to protect your bike and reduce the likelihood of its theft:

  • Use a D lock or other high end security device
  • Lock both wheels and the frame when using outdoor bike racks
  • Do not leave bikes out overnight or on weekends
  • Remove all accessories such as helmet, light, pump, drink bottle etc
  • Engrave your bike with your drivers licence number or other unique identifier to aid in the identification and recovery in the event of theft

In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, report it immediately to campus Security and the Police.

The University has implemented reasonable measures to minimise the incidence of theft or damage to bikes on campus, however it does not accept responsibility for these events if they should occur.

Bike Safety

Share the road provides a snap shot of bike and driver safety tips.

Even though you're cycling, you still need to follow the road rules when you're riding. Try these tips to stay safe:

  • Cycle as near as practical on the far left side of the road.
  • Never ride close to parked cars (even when bike pictures confuse you). Unseen car passengers can open car doors and push you into traffic.
    • NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to ride the safe way is usually 1.5m away from parked cars.
  • Use hand signals to indicate when you're turning.
  • Wear brightly coloured or reflective gear when cycling to stay visible, but slow down when cars in front are turning into your lane because they may not see you.

Additional safety tips can be found at Bicycle Info NSW Government or Bike Love Corral.

Shared path

The newly updated UON paths are shared pathways. Follow our etiquette tips so everyone can enjoy getting around our campuses.

  1. Stick to the left of the path.
  2. Travel at a safe speed and give way to others.
  3. When riding a bike, use your warning bell when overtaking pedestrians.
  4. In areas of high pedestrian activity (active travel zones) slow down to a walking speed (10km/hr or less) or dismount.

Want a wider faster route? Check out the cycling on campus paths map.