Student feedback

Feedback from our students on programs, courses and teaching help us constantly improve the quality of their university experience. Their feedback enables us to make positive changes to our teaching practices and ensures we deliver programs that meet all students' expectations.

Internal Student Surveys

Students will be asked to provide confidential feedback in the following online, internal surveys. Further details on these surveys can also be found in the Survey Register (PDF, 100KB).

The Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) survey is designed to help teaching staff develop their practice. SFT surveys are conducted by request only. Teaching staff are strongly encouraged to undertake at least one SFT survey each year.


The Student Feedback on Courses (SFC) survey gathers student perceptions of their experiences of individual courses.

Each year, SFCs are administered for all courses delivered across all campuses in all terms.


The Student Feedback on Programs (SFP) survey gathers feedback on the quality of Postgraduate and Enabling individual programs. Undergraduate programs are assessed in the national Student Experience Survey.


The Student Feedback on the University of Newcastle (SFUN) survey is completed by all students every two years and gathers feedback on our University services, systems and facilities.


View previous SFUN results

2016 SFUN questionnaire, includes the four different versions of the survey (PDF, 819KB)

The Commencing Students Survey (CSS) captures feedback from commencing students regarding their experiences at the beginning of their program. The survey has a strong focus on enrolment and orientation, as well as timetabling and awareness of our University services. The CSS is administered every two years.


View previous Commencing Students Survey results

External Student Surveys

Throughout the year, students may also be asked to complete the following external surveys:

The Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) is an annual, national census of newly qualified graduates in Australia. Students graduating from the University of Newcastle are invited to complete this survey approximately four months after completing their program.

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is an International benchmarking survey of international onshore students conducted by I-Graduate.

The Student Experience Survey (SES), formally known as University Experience Survey (UES), focuses on aspects of the student experience that are measurable, linked with learning and development outcomes, and for which universities can reasonably be assumed to have responsibility. This survey is run on behalf of the Federal Government.