Keeping current in your discipline - Special Studies Program (SSP)

Our Special Studies Program (SSP) is a key program for academic staff to further their career and keep current in their discipline through a program of professional development.


The Application Form is to be submitted to Human Resource Services as per the following procedure:

  1. The intention to apply for SSP should be discussed with your Head of School at least 12 months prior to the proposed leave.
  2. Application Form to be completed by applicant and forwarded to Head of School for comments at least 2 weeks prior to closing date.
  3. Your HOS can provide you with your PRD report on your teaching and research performance (section 8 of the SSP application form).
  4. Head of School to complete recommendation section and return Application Form to applicant.
  5. Applicant to forward completed application electronically to the SSP Officer, Human Resource Services to
  6. Application acknowledged via email from HRS to confirm your application has been received, confirm your eligibility, send it through the approval process and inform you of the decision.
  7. Applications for SSP > 6 months will be forwarded to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) along with a recommendation from the SSP Faculty Committee.
  8. HRS will notify applicants of the SSP Committee or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) decision.

Please ensure all parts of the Application Form are completed and attach a copy of your previous SSP report and invitations. Incomplete applications will not be approved and the SSP Committee may not provide an opportunity for the applicant to provide additional information or clarification.

Closing dates

Applications for 2020, Semester 1 and Semester 2 are due by close of business (5pm), 3 June 2019.


As part of this program you need to submit a report to your Head of School at the end of your sabbatical. You should do this within one month of your return.