Frequently asked questions

Your Voice is a confidential survey, externally run by Voice Project. It provides staff with the opportunity to provide comprehensive feedback to the University.

Your Voice is used broadly across the higher education sector which means we are also able to compare our results against a benchmark group of other Universities.

Full surveys have been run in 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Our new Vice-Chancellor is keen to hear a broad range of voices as he gets to know our University. As we have been using Your Voice since 2003, using it again will give the Vice-Chancellor insight into patterns and changes over time.

The Vice-Chancellor has asked for a considerable number of questions to be cut to allow a more focused review and much quicker turnaround of results.

To ensure results can be compared over time and across the sector, the questions themselves do not change substantially.

Yes. A tailored survey for sessional academic staff will run concurrently with the main survey. Some staff may receive both and should complete both surveys.

Voice Project is a third party research and consulting company headquartered at Macquarie University, Sydney. They assist in the design, administration, data collection, analysis and reporting of the results.

The Your Voice survey was developed by researchers at Voice Project and Macquarie University.
The psychometric support for the reliability and validity of the tool has been published in the Australian Journal of Psychology, a peer-review journal.
In addition, the survey has been administered to over 2600 organisations to date. If you have a specific question about the tool, please contact

All ongoing, fixed-term and casual staff are invited to complete the survey(s) relevant to them.

A small number of staff (i.e. those who do some additional casual teaching) will receive the two surveys and are encouraged to complete both as they ask different questions about your experience at our University.

Yes, the survey is administered by Voice Project and the University does not know who has or has not completed the survey. All responses are processed by Voice Project, who analyse the results.

Information is collected so that results can be reported by Faculty/School and Division/Unit level. Results are only analysed for groups with 10 or more responses. Demographic information is NOT linked to responses in ways that could identify individuals.

The data will reside with Voice Project. Voice Project may consider using the data for benchmarking or research purposes. Again, at no time will individuals or organisations be directly or indirectly identified in published research.

You will receive an invitation by email from the Voice Project with a link to the survey.  Simply click on the link (or copy and paste the link into your internet browser) and follow the prompts to complete the survey.

Each link is unique which allows the consultants to remove people from the reminder list once they have completed the survey.

No, the survey is not compulsory.  However, we strongly encourage you to participate. Our workforce is large and your experiences are diverse. A high response rate will ensure we are acting on collective feedback rather than the voice of a vocal few.

The shorter 2019 survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The Voice Project will provide preliminary results to the Vice-Chancellor in late March and the full report by end of April. The overall results will be shared across the institution by May 2019.

Please contact