A culture for NeW Futures

We have an ambitious plan for NeW Futures. Now is the time to be bold and take risks.

The University of Newcastle is a place where we are empowered to explore ideas, challenge boundaries and connect with great minds. Here we come together to create the future for our university and the world. This is where curious and courageous minds collaborate to create the future.


We think big, see opportunity, are open to ideas and ask why. We encourage inquiring minds to expand our knowledge and experience. We embrace new ideas, taking the time to imagine. We see change all around us and look with confidence into the unknown to chart our way forward. We don’t assume to know, we ask and when we answer the questions of others, we do so honestly. New perspectives and the opportunity to learn from others enriches our work and creativity.

We are inspired by possibility.


We embrace change, adapt and respond together. We know we are more powerful when we engage across disciplines, geographies and points of view. Our different experiences and viewpoints create exciting opportunities. We share our wisdom and knowledge with enthusiasm, striving for the overall best outcomes not just our own advantage. We choose to overcome barriers. We engage beyond UON, partnering to create enduring impact.

We share our success.


We are bold thinkers who have the confidence to take risks. We recognise where ideas have potential and work together to move them forward. We trust in our wisdom and ability to deliver. We take the initiative and we find solutions. We are empowered to use our abilities and expand our horizons. We speak up, have hard conversations and challenge the status quo.

We act to create the future.

Help inspire possibility and share success by sharing stories of curious, collaborative and courageous work so we can share them with others. Please email story leads to staffengagement@newcastle.edu.au. Together we can create the future.