The University of Newcastle, Australia


How do I find key dates for this year’s Alumni Awards?

When will Alumni Award recipients be announced?

  • Award recipients for each category will be announced at a Alumni Awards gala function in Newcastle on 17 September. All nominees/nominators are invited to attend. Information for this year’s gala function is published online when available at

Whom should I contact for questions about the nomination form, the selection process or the Awards function?

How do I source information on a nominee if I do not know them personally?

  • Information on a nominee can often be sourced by searching online for: media articles, LinkedIn profiles, employee/company websites, conference speaker profiles or featured talks on YouTube, etc. In some cases, you may need to approach the nominee directly for more information.

How do I nominate someone for the Alumni Awards?

What is the nomination criteria?

  • Nominees must demonstrate outstanding achievements in the category for which they are nominated. Nomination criteria helps the selection panel make a sound assessment of each nomination so a candidate can be identified. It is important to make sure you address each criteria carefully to demonstrate the nominees eligibility for the award.

Can I nominate myself?

  • Yes, you can nominate yourself, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for the award you plan to enter.

How many nominations can I put forward?

  • There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate, however, you can only nominate one person per award category.

Can I nominate a previous University of Newcastle Alumni Excellence Award nominee?

  • Unsuccessful nominees can be re-nominated in any category in subsequent years. Previous recipients may also be re-nominated however, they must not be nominated in the same category for which they have already received an Alumni Award. Recipients of distinguished awards such as the Alumni Medal for Professional Excellence and the Newton-John Alumni Medal are not eligible for renomination.

Will you accept late nominations?

  • No. Unfortunately late applications cannot be considered, however you might like to submit the nomination the following year.

Can anyone nominate a member of the alumni community for an Alumni Excellence Award?

  • Absolutely! Anyone can nominate a deserving alumnus/alumna; whether you are a fellow classmate, acquaintance, colleague, friend, family member or a current/former member of the University staff.

I can only find a low-resolution image of the nominee. Will you accept this?

  • Shortlisted nominees will be asked to provide a low-resolution image. We would prefer a high-resolution image of all award nominees but will accept a low-resolution copy in the nomination form.

Will the nominee know that I personally nominated them?

  • The University reserves the right to disclose the identity of the nominator to the nominee. All shortlisted unsuccessful nominees will be notified of the outcome of their nomination.

When will nominees/nominators be informed of the outcome?

  • Nominees (and their respective nominators) will be informed of the result of their application at a date in keeping with the Alumni Awards timeline. Key dates for the current Alumni Awards, including the announcement of finalists, are published online at

What does ‘alumni’ mean and whom does it include?

  • ‘Alumni’ refers to former students of The University of Newcastle and its antecedent institutions, including Honorary Degree recipients. Only alumni who hold a minimum undergraduate Bachelor degree are eligible to be nominated for the Awards.

Who sits on the Awards selection panel?

  • The selection panel is comprised of senior staff members and alumni, including former Alumni Excellence Award recipients. Panel members are selected based upon their professional experience to ensure each panel has the relevant expertise for each award category.