Park and Ride

Getting around campus at Callaghan or to our City campus has never been easier.

Whether you need to get to and from classes at Callaghan or travel into the City, our free shuttle service will get you where you need to go. To use the shuttle, all you need to do is show your student or staff ID to the driver when getting on the bus.

The official Park and Ride car parks are located at carpark 14 and carpark 2 (across from the Design bus stop). When parking at Callaghan you still need to display a valid parking permit or purchase a parking ticket from the ticket machines located within the car parks.

There are disability permit use bays in both car parks and the shuttle bus is wheelchair accessible and is designed to meet accessibility needs of students and staff. Please speak to the driver if you require assistance to board the bus.

Wi-Fi is also available for you to use while travelling.


There are two different timetables for the shuttle: peak and off-peak. Peak times refer to semester teaching periods and includes exam periods. Teaching includes both semester and trimester dates.

Off-peak times are dates where there is a break from teaching.

Travel times may vary depending on traffic conditions. Please arrive ten minutes prior to the departure time to ensure you do not miss your bus service. Times listed in the timetable are estimates apart from stops listed as scheduled - at these stops the bus will not depart until the published time.


There are six stops on campus where students and staff can hop on or off the bus:

  1. Student accommodation (Ring Road)
  2. Chancellery/Engineering
  3. Science
  4. Maths Bus Stop
  5. Design Bus Stop
  6. Student accommodation (Carpark 14)

In the city, the bus will set down passengers on the University House side of King Street and will pick up passengers on the Civic Park side of King Street (diagonally across from University House).

Other Park and Ride options

Newcastle City Council runs a Park and Ride service from McDonald Jones stadium (Broadmeadow) weekdays only between 7:00am - 9:00am.