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Merit Pathway testimonials

For me, the Merit pathway was like getting to visit a place I had only ever read about or seen in pictures. The Science movie came to life. Doing a research project was a chance to experience first hand why we get told do the things we do as exercises. Getting to implement that knowledge has made my other courses seem all the more valuable.  The feeling of creating some new piece of information or theory, however minute, is incomparable. The merit pathway is thus the funnest course through undergrad, but also a source of motivation for the future. Highly recommended.

Jesse Fulton, Merit Pathway Student, Physics Major, 2015

Participating in the Merit Pathway gave me a fantastic insight into the world of university research. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to have interacted with other students working in the university's laboratories as well as some world class scientists. I would highly recommend the Merit Pathway to any student interested in learning more about post graduate studies and/or a career in research.

Amy Lesiow, Merit Pathway Student, Biological Sciences Major, 2011.

I really did find this a very rewarding course. It is most likely the most beneficial course that I have undertaken in my undergraduate degree. It was so enjoyable and rewarding that it has changed my perspective regarding further research. Thanks again for the opportunity to enhance my learning in a direction that I would not have been able to pursue if I have not undertaken this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is eager and keen enough to apply themselves in order to enhance what they get out of Uni.

Evan Ross, Merit Pathway Student, Earth Sciences Major, 2011 & 2012.

Prior to completing SCIT2500 I had very little idea what was involved in university research and was somewhat intimidated by it. This project allowed me to work with current under-grad and post-grad students in a research environment with assistance from extremely helpful supervisors. This was a great introduction into the world of research. Most importantly, this course has given me the self-belief that I have the potential to excel in post-graduate studies. I would definitely recommend SCIT2500 to any student contemplating further studies especially if they are unsure what to expect. The Merit Pathway has definitely changed the direction that my career is heading.

Ben Humphreys, Merit Pathway Student, Chemistry Major, 2013

SCIT2500 was a great opportunity to experience research in real life and gave me an insight to what my future as a scientist could look like. It's hard work but lots of fun!

Therese Pedersen, Merit Pathway Student, Physics Major 2012.

SCIT3500 is a good opportunity for students to explore an area of interest to them in greater detail than may be possible through other courses. I would recommend it to anyone who is contemplating doing Honours. Not only can you see if you are suited to research- you might also be able to scope out a project for further work (Honours). By working one-on-one with an academic supervisor you are able to gain insight into what a career as a scientist might be like."

Daniel Baird, Merit Pathway Student, Geography Major, 2011 & 2012.