Student Testimonials

The festival of world cultures was an experience like nothing else. As students, we were given the opportunity to work overseas in an environment that exposed us to so many different cultures. I had the chance to really practise my interviewing skills throughout the festival- I spoke to people on camera from all around the world, many of which only speak English as a second language. As we were capturing a live event on film, we learnt how to think on our feet. It was these kind of real-world experiences that really put into practise what we have learnt throughout the degree. 

One of my favourite parts was the opportunity to get to know groups from different countries through our filming. During the early part of the festival, we got to spend time with a folk group from Portugal and travelled with them to the nearby town of Chantelle to film their performance. Afterwards we split up into groups with the Portugese and were hosted for dinner with local French families at their houses. It is that kind of interaction that sums up what the festival was all about- bringing different cultures together. - Shelby Houghton

I had an excellent time at the festival. I knew that it would be interesting but I think what surprised me so much was how blown away I was at a lot of the talent in the performances. From the Indian acrobats to the Peruvian break-dancers, every act was as well rehearsed and impressively executed as it was symbolic and culturally relevant. 

My favourite part of the internship was the opportunity to not only befriend people from a variety of different cultures but also to have a very unique experience of France with the added bonus of work experience. - Luke Ryan