What is SMART?SMART logo

SMART is an acronym for Science, Maths And Real Technology; that's what we're all about! We perform interactive science shows and workshops for schools, early learning centres, birthday parties and the community.

SMART is a not-for-profit science communication organisation run through the Faculty of Science and IT at the University of Newcastle. We are the primary school arm of 'The Challenge' working very closely with the Science and Engineering Challenge to provide science outreach programs across NSW and wider Australia.

We have a strong history from our beginnings in 1998 seeing over 250,000 students, parents and community members during this time. SMART is based in Newcastle, NSW but has performed shows all over Australia including many rural and remote areas.

Mission Statement

Through our innovative and interactive shows and workshops we aim to:

  1. Inspire, inform and involve young people with science. (Here the word 'science' includes mathematics, engineering and technology).
  2. Provide opportunities for university students – future scientists, engineers, managers and educators – to learn and practice science and communication.
  3. Encourage widespread ongoing participation and dialogue relating to science. This may take the form of public discussion, science-based entertainment or activities, as well as personal interest, study or employment.

*A science show is an entertaining ~45 minute live presentation that uses audience interaction, demonstrations, drama, stories and multimedia to explore science.