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Welcome to Research Directions, which showcases a year of achievement for researchers in the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEDUA) at the University of Newcastle.

Research Directions 2016

2016 Research Directions

This issue focuses on researchers in the early and mid-stages of their careers. Our profiles of these scholars reveal they are addressing the big questions about our society, culture, and individual identity; highlighting the progress this new generation of researchers are making towards crafting innovative solutions ... view the eBook.

Research Directions 2015

2015 Research Directions

The focus of this issue is research impact – in other words – on those who benefit from the scholarship we undertake. Our researchers have made a tangible difference in the Hunter and Central Coast region by working with secondary school students and teachers, youth networks, not-for-profit organisations, local government, allied health workers, cultural organisations, creative entrepreneurs, and people living with a disability... view the ebook.

2013/2014 Research Directions

2013/2014 Research Directions

This edition features both teams and individual researchers who are addressing the major issues of our age, such as violence, religious tolerance, disability, equity in education, global language loss, and obesity... view the ebook.

2012 Research Directions

2012 Research Directions

Interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research is a high priority for the Faculty of Education and Arts. Education, Humanities, Creative Arts and Social Science have vital contributions to make to scientific, health and medical research... view the ebook.

2011 Research Directions

2011 Research Directions

To realise our full potential, the Faculty has embarked on a path to maximise our research strengths. The Research Institutes strategy is part of that approach. Our major research strengths have been strategically concentrated into three Research Institutes and the Priority Research Centre for Physical Nutrition... view the ebook.

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The Faculty of Education and Arts Impact publication is an annual report that summarises the work, activities and achievements of the Faculty

Impact 2013

Impact 2013

As a dynamic community of scholars, the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEDUA) aims to create and share knowledge to inspire, enrich and transform humanity, making a significant daily impact on the communities we - and our graduates - serve... view the ebook.