Clubs and Societies

Joining a club or society or other group is a great way to make new friends and get involved while you are studying at UON - remember, work/life balance is important for your success as a student.

If you're really keen, you can be involved in the Executive of your club or society, or volunteer to assist with the organisation or running of events. These kinds of volunteering experiences give you great leadership, governance and management skills and they look great on your resume too.  Remember, volunteering can give you the edge when you apply for jobs – employers value volunteering, both for the skills it gives you and what it says about you as a person.

Over 150 clubs, societies and other groups are available at UON. There's something for everyone including sporting, social, cultural and spiritual groups. Each group holds a range of events across the academic year and new members are always welcome.

Contact the UON Clubs & Societies Officer for all of your clubs and societies enquiries.

Can't find what you're looking for?  You can always start a new club or society - it's easy.

At UON all clubs and societies are registered with the University and affiliate with one of the student organisations (NUSA, NUPSA or Campus Central) or with NUsport or with a faculty. Some clubs choose to be supported by Student Central at UON.

To start a new group, please contact the UON Clubs & Societies Officer on with your query. The C&S Officer will help you with registration, take you through your affiliation options and outline all the support available to you through UON and with the organisation you choose to affiliate with.

The support provided to clubs and societies ranges from financial support (event subsidies and project grants) to free or discounted venue and equipment hire, subsidised catering, event assistance and advice from the Student Central Events Team, assistance promoting your event or club, and governance training for club executives.

The organisation you affiliate with will provide your club or society with financial support - these amounts will be the same whichever organisation you choose, although the way you apply may differ.

UON can assist with the promotion of your events to the broader student population, the use of UON facilities and with governance and event management advice.

Governance Training

UON also provides support for the governance of your club and society to help ensure that you gain the most from your experience on a club or society executive committee and that your group meets all legislative and legal requirements.

Contact the UON Clubs & Societies Officer on for more information on governance training, or anything else to do with clubs and societies.

See the Get Involved page for more information on programs and activities