RIMS Training Videos

The following training videos relate to human ethics applications. There is also a RIMS User Guide for human ethics.

  1. How to log into RIMS
  2. How to create a new human research ethics application in RIMS
  3. How to find a protocol in RIMS
  4. How do I add an eform to my initial ethics application?
  5. How do I add supporting documents to my human ethics submission?
  6. Where is the submit button?
  7. How do I add my response to my human ethics submission in RIMS?
  8. How do I create a variation, progress report / renewal or adverse event to my approved human ethics protocol?
  9. Help - I am in a protocol in RIMS and can't do anything

Please contact Human Ethics if you have any feedback or suggestions for new training videos.

The Animal Ethics User Guide provides assistance for animal ethics applications.