RIMS Training Videos

The following training videos relate to human ethics applications. There is also a RIMS User Guide for human ethics.

  1. How to log into RIMS
  2. How to create a new human research ethics application in RIMS
  3. How to find a protocol in RIMS
  4. How do I add an eform to my initial ethics application?
  5. How do I add supporting documents to my human ethics submission?
  6. Where is the submit button?
  7. How do I add my response to my human ethics submission in RIMS?
  8. How do I create a variation, progress report / renewal or adverse event to my approved human ethics protocol?
  9. Help - I am in a protocol in RIMS and can't do anything
  10. Help - I need to log in to RIMS using my student ID - video and guide

Please contact Human Ethics if you have any feedback or suggestions for new training videos.

The Animal Ethics User Guide provides assistance for animal ethics applications.