Step 1 - Find a research degree

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Step 2 - Find a supervisor

Scholarship applicants - All Commonwealth Government and UON scholarship applications must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form and have it signed by a potential UON supervisor to be considered for scholarship. You should upload the EOI form with your online application. The potential supervisor will also provide you with a Pre-Identified Candidate (PIC) code which must be included in your application. Please see the Guide for uploading this information with your online application. Support from a potential supervisor is needed before your application can be considered but does not guarantee that you will be offered admission or awarded a scholarship.

The EOI form is a fillable PDF. Please right click the link below and save the document to your computer.

Download the Expression of Interest form (PDF, 176 KB)

For admission only applicants - it is highly recommended you liaise with a UON supervisor prior to submitting your application.

Go to the find a supervisor page

Step 3 - Write a research proposal

You are required to submit a research proposal which is a clear statement describing your proposed area of research. Consultation with an academic staff member in your area of research interest is required.

Download the research proposal template (PDF, 109 KB)

Step 4 - Apply now

Register an and apply online

If you have already registered, continue to the online application form.

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