Global Indigenous and Diaspora
Research Studies Centre

About us

Purai is an exciting research initiative to integrate global and transnational analytical perspectives and frameworks with research on Indigenous and diaspora studies, and other related topics of race and society.

Composed of active scholars from a range of disciplines in the university, and drawing upon our extensive national and international connections throughout the world, Purai aims to harness collaborations that lead to high-quality, original research projects and to the development of productive new knowledge networks.

Purai [meaning the world, earth: Awabakal language] is the first collaborative effort to integrate Indigenous and transnational scholarship in a research centre, to generate new and ground-breaking interdisciplinary research methodologies.

The Purai logo above represents the layers of global sharing:

The blue outline represents the flow of world tides and currents.
The orange & red represents the desert lands.
The green represents the rainforests.