Disruption delivers innovation: Lessons from Hollywood

Friday, 14 February 2014

Hollywood special effects gurus Greg Downing and the University of Newcastle's Director of Creative Innovation, Jeff Julian will showcase the latest in creative imaging and visual effects techniques at a special public lecture.

Main Disruptive Innovation ImageWith many years of experience in the high-end feature film visual effects industry, these artists have worked on a gamut of blockbuster movies.

Their enthusiasm for taking innovations in film and technology and using them for something completely different has often lead them to breakthroughs in innovation beyond the entertainment industry. 

"Unusual combinations lead to breakthrough ideas.  A great way to generate original ideas is to look for weird combinations.  Many new ideas are really combinations of other ideas," Mr Jeff Julian said. 

"We would like to see filmmakers, business innovators and researchers come to the event.  Whether recreating historic events in film, revealing complex processes in scientific visualisation, or illustrating environmental change, these new technologies and innovative approaches can offer powerful media solutions," Mr Julian said. 

Greg Downer is the Founder of xRez Studio.  He is a pioneer of extreme resolution gigapixel photography and innovator of new technologies such as 3D photogrammetry, laser scanning, terrain modelling and multi-spectral imaging.  His photographic work has been displayed in some of the United States most prestigious museums including the American Museum of Natural History, Cincinnati Art Museum and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Tech Museum. He teaches at the Gnomon School for Visual Effects and has published professional training DVDs on photogrammetry and panoramic stitching. 

The Greg Downing Creative Innovation Lecture is the first in a new series of "Disruptive Innovation Works" public lectures offered by the University of Newcastle to support disruptive innovation. 

"Newcastle is home to a vibrant creative community.  As an important contributor to that community, the University is excited to provide opportunities like this for any member of the public to engage with world-leaders in cutting edge creative industries," said Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Nick Talley.

Event details

When: Monday, 17 February 2014 from 6.00-8.00pm

Location: The Conservatorium of Music

RSVP: Not required

Media enquiries

  • Jessica Sullivan
  • Phone: +612 4985 4171

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