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Daniel proves determination and support the key to success

Friday, 2 May 2014

Daniel Frost is the definition of determined.  Diagnosed with rare bone disease Multiple Hereditary Exostosis at just four, Daniel has endured the removal of more than 200 tumours during his life. It has been a vicious cycle of operations, followed by months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Daniel Frost Due to his medical condition, doctors predicted Daniel would be unlikely to develop a career involving physical work.

"It became my childhood dream to attend university. And when a career advisor told me I should aim to work in a fast food restaurant as 'kids from this school don't go to uni', I became even more determined."

Missing most of his final year of high school due to hospital time to undergo painful medical procedures, Daniel pursued his dream to enter university through UON's enabling program Open Foundation. His hard-working attitude and determination rewarded him with an ATAR of 90.00 and entry into a Bachelor of Business.

"I'm proud to say that I'm now an alumnus of the University of Newcastle. I wasn't always sure I would reach this milestone – there were many times when graduating seemed out of reach for me, impossible to achieve.

"Although balancing my studies and my medical condition has always been challenging, the past 12 months have been particularly demanding. I have had several operations to remove a number of cancerous tumours from my shoulder blade – my last operation being in April, just two weeks before I graduated."

Daniel's commitment to his studies and his eternally positive outlook won him a UON Shaping Futures Scholarship during 2011, the first year of his degree. The scholarship allowed him to purchase a computer, making his studies easier and reinforcing his determination to succeed.

"As a result of my condition I have a permanently dislocated wrist and elbow. Writing out my assignments and lecture notes was extremely painful – but having a laptop made all the difference. I even used it to keep up with my study in hospital when I missed much of semester 1 in 2012, due to a staph infection I acquired after an operation.

"Being supported through the kindness of strangers is awe-inspiring and one day I too hope to be able to help students who are facing hardship."

UON's Shaping Future Scholarships are funded through the University's Annual Appeal.

Daniel is continuing his academic journey and is currently undertaking Honours.

Daniel Frost will graduate and give the student address at the 2pm Faculty of Business and Law ceremony on Friday 2 May.

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