The University of Newcastle, Australia

Autonomy Day

Friday, 9 August 2013

Today is Autonomy Day - a significant day for the University of Newcastle.

Autonomy Day

On January 1 1965, the University of Newcastle was declared autonomous from its antecedent institution, the University of New South Wales, as decreed by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Eric Winslow Woodward.

Since that day, University of Newcastle students have celebrated the University's independence with celebrations in semester two each year.

The 2013 Festival of Autonomy (2-9 August) culminates today with the Autonomy Party, Carnival on the Oval and the Billy Cart Races.

Throughout the festival, students have participated in a range of activities with an emphasis on fun, celebration and interactions across the full student community.

The University of Newcastle has come a long way, from humble beginnings as a locally-focussed institution to one that is truly global in its outlook.

Festival of Autonomy 2013.

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