Faculty groups

Alternative Futures and Regional Prospects Research Network

Alternative Futures Network a world-first collaboration that studies and promotes alternative modes of development beyond Carbon, Capital, and (extracted) Commodities with a focus on the prospects of urban development in Australian regional areas, particularly Hunter Region.

Centre for Early Modern Studies

The Centre for Early Modern Studies brings together a new group of scholars specialising in research on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with a concentration of expertise in the literature of Renaissance England, France and North America.

Detective Fiction on the Move

The Detective Fiction on the Move Network at the University of Newcastle, Australia, aims to correct an enduring prejudice regarding detective fiction, namely that it is a static genre stifled by conventions and rules and consequently lacking the sophistication of literary fiction.

Digital Identity, Curation and Education (DICE)

Digital Identity, Curation and Education (DICE) is a network of scholars interested in digital identity, digital footprint, curation of online presence, and serious games for learning

Early Modern Women's Research Network

EMWRN aims to bring the often institutionally-isolated scholars of early modern women's writing into dialogue with others in the field, both within Australia and internationally.

Endangered Languages Documentation, Theory and Application (ELDTA)

ELDTA aims to bring the often institutionally-isolated scholars of early modern women's writing into dialogue with others in the field, both within Australia and internationally.

Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability

The GLASS faculty group undertakes high quality independent research to inform best practice policy development and encourage debate and activism for change. GLASS fills a critical gap in research based gender advocacy and policy development.

Global Newcastle Research Network

The Global Newcastle Research Network investigates Newcastle and its identity in the wider world, in the region, and in the city itself.  Within it, historians, librarians, and cultural researchers are aiming to find out what makes Newcastle tick in the present, based on its rich past and heritage.

Historical Experience, Representation, Media, Education, Society (HERMES)

HERMES is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research network with two main lines of research: historical consciousness and history education.

NEW Writing Newcastle

NEW Writing Newcastle is a new network of Australian-based scholars and practitioners developed to examine creative writing and creative writing research. The centre is designed to harness the considerable successes of the creative writing program, from its multi-award winning teachers to the remarkable successes of its alumni, including national awards and commercial publication.

Newcastle Youth Studies Network

The Newcastle Youth Studies Network examines inequalities that affect young people's lives, with a particular focus on Australia, South-East Asia and the Pacific.

Social Work

The Social Work Research Program has established a strong track record informing social policy, social work education and practice.

Speech Pathology

The speech pathology discipline is distinctive in its diversity and focus on the impact of communication disorders and disabilities in everyday life, as well as on key stakeholders supporting them.

The Future of Madness

The Future of Madness Network aims to bring established, emerging and future scholars together at the University of Newcastle to provide a community of interest in the future of madness studies.

The Society, Health and Disability Research Group

The Society, Health and Disability Research Group comprises researchers from history, sociology, speech pathology, social work, as well as film, TV and media studies, connected by drivers for impact and change.

Wine Studies Research Network

The Wine Network includes scholars from history, social science, business and tourism. The University of Newcastle is the only Australian university actively undertaking interdisciplinary wine studies research in humanities and social science.