Short Course on Embedded Wireless & Communication Networks for Manufacturing and Automation

Tuesday, 30 September 2014, 08:30 am — Thursday, 2 October 2014, 05:30 pm

RSVP Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Short Course on Embedded Wireless & Communication Networks for Manufacturing and Automation


With the rapid advancement of communication, control, signal processing and embedded electronics technologies the design paradigm of future manufacturing and automation systems is rapidly changing. Distributed control and monitoring systems are becoming more cost effective; offering flexibilities and design options for the industrial automation engineers & technologists. This course introduces basic design and development techniques of distributed automation systems using low cost wireless communication devices. Commercially available wireless devices can be used to develop flexible control and data acquisition networks for industrial applications. The course will introduce relevant control, communications and wireless networking techniques addressing the current industry standards and technology trends.

The course will introduce basic communication and networking concepts; and techniques necessary to develop control & data acquisition networks. The course will then concentrate on the short range wireless communication standards such as the IEEE802.15.4 or commonly known as the Zigbee and the IEEE802.11 referred as the WiFi. Simulation techniques will be discussed in the course as a form of network and system design tools. Simulation tools will be introduced in the course which could be used to design industrial networks for different applications. The course will also introduce IEEE802.15.4 based embedded wireless network kits for sensor network design and implementation.

Who should attend

The course has been designed to cater the needs for range of engineering and technical professionals in the industry, academia, service sectors, technology analysts, electrical/electronic/computer design engineers & technologists, educators, technical managements, and other related professional sectors.


On completion of the course the attendees will receive a participation certificate from the Centre for Complex Dynamic Systems and Control, The University of Newcastle.

Course Fee

$1,500 + GST. The course fee includes electronic copy of presentation notes/slides and laboratory handouts, tea/coffee and light lunches.


The University of Newcastle, Callaghan Campus

Lectures: Engineering A (EA) building; Laboratories: Engineering E (EE) building.

Limited to maximum of 20 registered participants.

Course Instructors

(All instructors from the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, The University of Newcastle)

A/Prof. Jamil Khan

A/Prof. Daniel Quevedo

Mr. Edwin Peters

Prof. Rick Middleton

Dr. Duy Ngo

Mr. Peter Turner

Prof. Minyue Fu

Dr. Jason Brown

Mr. Oliver Hulin


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For administrative issues: Ms. Jayne Disney, Tel: 02 49217378, Email:

For technical & course issues: A/Prof. Jamil Khan, Tel: 02 49216077, Email:

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