The University of Newcastle, Australia

I2N Immersive - Customer and Market with Jacqui Daley of The Measured Marketer

20 Feb 2019 from 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Jacqui Daley

I2N Immserive dives deeper into startup fundamentals with industry experts. Join us each week at I2N Hub Hunter Street.

Jacqui Daley, former UON CMO and founder of The Measured Marketer, has led marketing within a range of organisations at all sizes in Australia and the UK. In her 16 year tenure she's lead teams to develop and deliver effective integrated marketing strategies across a host of platforms. She's won loads of awards. Failed (fast) and learnt from it, is client-focused, ambitious and has a passion for her work.

Jacqui understands that marketing for a startup is not set-and-forget. There's testing, testing and then testing again until your marketing acquisition strategy begins to yield results. She also understands that it's not all about the marketing. While ROI and profit are important, Jacqui believes staff morale and company culture, no matter what the size and stage of the company, is something equally as vital.

Learn from Jacqui on how to navigate the customer discovery process and build skills to fully validate your assumptions, then build an MVP to gather feedback and measure progress.

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