From Pen to Press

This event was held on Wednesday 6 March 2024

image of a lady in the mid 19th century posing with open books

Join us for the launch of From Pen to Press

Humans are natural storytellers: sharing information and experiences with each other is one of the key ways we form relationships and develop our ideas about the world around us. In Western cultures, since at least the 1450s when the Gutenberg printing press was invented, information has most widely and effectively been shared through the printed book. Making books is a long, complex process from writing, illustrating, printing, binding, to selling, and the book trade is heavily influenced by the whims of books' intended audience - readers.

Women have consistently engaged in all aspects of the modern book trade from its inception, but their stories have historically been obscured. This exhibition shines a light on women's myriad contributions using Special Collections' holdings to showcase women's work in the Australian book trade from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day.

Light refreshments will be served.