Mosquito Expert Panel

Tuesday, 27 August 2019, 05:30 pm — Tuesday, 27 August 2019, 08:00 pm

Location: Godfrey Tanner Bar, Callaghan

The unloved bug: problems and solutions in mosquito control at home and abroad.

As nuisance biters and vectors of diseases such as malaria and dengue, mosquitoes are unloved and even feared around the world. Northern Australia is currently experiencing one of its worst outbreaks of dengue fever ever.

At the same time, only a handful of species of mosquito are actually capable of spreading disease, and the vast majority of species do not feed on humans. In fact, mosquitoes are an integral part of healthy wetland ecosystems.

So how might we better understand the pressing problems posed by mosquitoes? What is happening at the cutting edge of mosquito-related research? And what role can environmental management play?

Join leading experts in mosquito, health and environmental management as they discuss current projects and future challenges.


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