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Vicki Saunders

The Future is Female – The Economic and Social Impact

12pm Friday, 24th Nov 2017

The Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and The University of Newcastle warmly invite you to attend a keynote speech and networking luncheon. ...

Professor Vijay Varadharajan

New Professors Talk - Why Cybersecurity Matters

1pm Wednesday, 29th Nov 2017

Why Cyber Security Matters to Everyone public lecture Nowadays, the media is reporting on cyber security attacks constantly, whether it is wannacry ra...

Asthma Seminar: Airway Inflammation, Infections and Autoimmune Responses

1pm Wednesday, 29th Nov 2017

CRE Seminar Series: Dr Param Nair “Airway Inflammation, Infections and Autoimmune Responses: Implications for Therapy in Severe Asthma” CR...

ACE Teaching Excellence Awards Presentation & Guest Lecture

6pm Tuesday, 5th Dec 2017

We invite you to ACE's end of year function and the announcement and presentation of the inaugural ACE Teaching Excellence Awards. We will be joined b...

Rapid Phenotyping

Startup Stories - Rapid Phenotyping

1pm Wednesday, 6th Dec 2017

Rapid Phenotyping is the startup enterprise of three UON/HMRI post-doc researchers: Dr Jamie Flynn, Dr Anthony Martin and Dr William Palmer. In 2016 t...

Call for Papers - Mythology Special Issue of 'Medical Education'

Thursday, 1st Feb 2018

Myths and legends exist in every culture. Typically, they are so commonly believed that they are not noticed or questioned by mostpeople within the cu...