Study with us

Options for entry

The all-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teaching and professional staff who manage our academic programs are passionate and committed to the advancement of Aboriginal education.  Wollotuka offers a range of programs beginning with the Yapug Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Enabling Program which is designed for Indigenous students aged 17 years and older as an option for entry to studying with us.

Interested in Aboriginal studies?

If you are looking to gain an informed insight into the oldest continuing living culture in the world and translate this knowledge into gainful employment in Indigenous affairs that makes a difference, then the Institute's Bachelor of Aboriginal Studies (Hons) degree is for you.  The Institute also offers a comprehensive range of courses in Aboriginal Studies which are available to students studying in various disciplines across the University.

Postgraduate courses and research higher degrees

Wollotuka also provides the perfect opportunity for students seeking Honours, in particular the Bachelor of Aboriginal Studies (Hons) program, as well as postgraduate options in masters and doctoral studies to follow their undergraduate degree.

Another path to consider is undertaking a research higher degree with Umulliko Indigenous Higher Education Research Centre.