Honeysuckle City Campus Development


Project overview

The University of Newcastle is in the process of progressing the Honeysuckle City Campus Development. This initiative is part of the University's long-term vision to grow, develop knowledge and be a driver of our innovative regional economy. It is an integral part of the University's NeW Futures Strategic Plan 2016-2025.

The first stage of the project (Stage 1A) includes the Hunter Innovation Project's Innovation Hub, a joint initiative with the NSW Government, Newcastle City Council, Newcastle NOW and Hunter DIGIT, plus additional new facilities for the University's School of Creative Industries.

About the Hunter Innovation Project (HIP)

This is a jointly funded initiative with the NSW Government and the University partners that make up the Integrated Innovation Network (I2N):

  • Newcastle City Council
  • Newcastle NOW
  • Hunter DIGIT

This Hub will be an important piece of infrastructure that will enable strong contributions to the transition of our regional economy while providing spaces for the University's students, staff and collaborators to generate ideas and products.

About the School of Creative Industries

The UON School of Creative Industries was formed in 2017 and is housed in the NeW Space building. It has positioned UON as the education provider of choice for creative enterprises and artistic endeavours. As our leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship has developed, the need for further physical assets to support our creative output was identified. The Honeysuckle City Campus will be an ideal fit to foster continued growth in this field.


Access and Transport

The site is half way between the Honeysuckle and Civic Light Rail stops. Vehicular access will be improved by a new link across the rail corridor at Worth Place, with potential to add a new right turn into Hunter Street.

The project team will be working with authorities to develop an overall Transport Strategy (to be approved by the Development of Planning & Environment) and will be presented to the community for further feedback during public exhibition.

At this stage, it is not anticipated that the Stage 1A works will impact CBD transport services. If planning approval for Stage 1A is granted, works are to be scheduled in late 2018.

Planning Process

Honeysuckle Site 1AThe University of Newcastle must obtain planning approval from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) before Stage 1A works can commence on the Honeysuckle site.

The project is being assessed as a State Significant Development (SSD) under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the provisions of the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development 2011).

The SSD application for Stage 1A will seek approval for the development of a new building on Site 1 at the Honeysuckle City Campus that will accommodate the University's School of Creative Industries (SOCI) and an Innovation Hub.

The Stage 1A proposal includes:

  • design and construction of a single standing, multi-storey building on the corner of Worth Place and Honeysuckle Drive
  • space to be occupied by the HIP Innovation Hub and the School of Creative Industries
  • building fit out to make these spaces fit for purpose
  • associated landscaping and infrastructure works




April 2018 University of Newcastle requests Secretary Environment Assessment Requirements (SEARs)
May 2018 Department of Planning and Environment prepares and issues SEARs for preparation of State Significant Development Application
May 2018 University of Newcastle prepares documentation to address SEARs and undertakes initial consultation community and stakeholder consultation
June 2018 University of Newcastle lodges documentation. Department of Planning and Environment places SSDA on public exhibition. Further community and stakeholder consultation.
Mid 2018 University of Newcastle prepares a Response to Submissions report.
Late 2018 DPE prepares Assessment Report and recommends conditions.

To stay updated

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