Support schemes

Fellowship Support Scheme

The School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) provides a transparent top-up arrangement for externally funded nationally competitive research fellows to ensure that academic appointment is commensurate with experience or current appointment.

The School also provides support for researchers interested in Research Higher degree support schemesapplying for NHMRC and other post-doctoral training awards, scholarships, traveling awards, and NHMRC Career Development Awards, Research Fellowships and Practitioner Fellowships including application writing workshops, application review and mock interviews comprising a panel of research experts for applicants who are called to interview.

The following SMPH fellows can be contacted by those planning to apply for a post-doctoral training award. A meeting time can be arranged where access to their successful application will be provided.

Grant Support

The School provides support for researchers applying for grants including application review, assistance with writing rebuttals, and mock interviews.

Researchers and RHD Students are encouraged to subscribe to the School's email list to receive important messages and announcements.