Clinical Supervision

In addition to face-to-face workshops that are conducted periodically to enhance knowledge and skills in clinical supervision of students and early career practitioners, the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health, in collaboration with the University of New England, has developed flexible-learning resources aimed at improving clinical supervision capabilities. The SuperSIM resources are available via the links below.

How to use SuperSIM Resources

To access a SuperSIM file, click on the title below. It will open a PDF presentation.

  • Scroll through the slides one by one.
  • Underlined text in red is a hyperlink, to a relevant resource.
  • Slide four contains a link to a video, click to open the video.
  • A password is required to access the video. It is given on Slide four.
  • Hover the mouse cursor over the video to see the control bar. Turn the closed captioning on or off using the CC icon in the bottom-right corner.
  • Once the video is completed, return to the PDF presentation.
  • Consider the reflective questions carefully before looking at the 'Suggested Response'.
  • The second last slide contains hyperlinks to 'Additional Resources'


Collaborative Practice (PDF File)
Modelling collaborative practice encourages students to be effective team members.
Performance Under Pressure (PDF File)
Giving specific instructions and knowing the student's capability can help avoid error.
Communication & Conflict (PDF File)
Conflict can be avoided or resolved with honest and respectful communication.
Safety in Clinical Supervision (PDF File)
Clinical supervisors are responsible for ensuring students practice ethically and safely.
Feedback on the Run (PDF File)
Feedback should be specific, timely, frequent and constructive.
Shared Supervision (PDF File)
Co-supervison between disciplines can help breakdown interprofessional barriers.
Intervention & Risk Management (PDF File)
Student supervision must prioritise patient safety, with intervention when necessary.
Tea Room Gossip (PDF File)
Maintaining and modelling high professional standards is a constant expectation.
Meaningful Assessment (PDF File)
Student assessment is a priority and deserves close attention to defined objectives.
Teaching and Learning Opportunity (PDF File)
Challenging learners to explore their own and others decision-making is rewarding.
New Student Orientation (PDF File)
Identifying roles, clarifying objectives and planning ahead help optimise outcomes.
Unmotivated and Disengaged (PDF File)
What motivates some may not work for others but knowing the signs can help

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