Amber Sewell-Green

Meet Amber, 20.

She is studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

"I have a passion for the environment and find food to be the lynch pin between humans and the earth," Amber said.

"With such alarming rates of chronic lifestyle diseases in Australia, nutrition is a crucial factor in the health of future populations, yet there are very few Dietitians Association of Australia approved nutrition courses around.

"I found the course at the University of Newcastle to be more open-minded, it has one of the best reputations and is leading this kind of research in Australia," she said.

Amber's favourite experience so far has been studying with such a close-knit cohort of students in classes and lectures.

"We all get to know each other and support each other through, it's like an extended family."

Another favourite is when you want to blow off steam you can catch some pretty great gigs at the Bar on the Hill, she said.

Amber says she is intrigued with the psychological aspects behind one's perceptions of food, diet and environment during consumption and how that affects the breakdown of food within the body.

"This can encompass dealing with chronic illness, studying impacts of foods on mental illness as well as eating disorders," she said.

"I come from a two-person family – me and my mum – and we always struggled financially, so earning the High Achiever Scholarship is an absolute dream come true.

"My circumstances have taught me to always work hard and how important it is to strive to meet one's goals."

Amber worked extremely hard during her HSC and is now able to reap the rewards.

"This scholarship is a reminder of why I worked so hard when things get tough – which they did often during biology and chemistry! – and a motivator to keep going."

Her advice to HSC students: Hard work really pays off.

As a dietician I hope to one day educate and bring health and happiness to the lives of individuals or larger populations like communities. This scholarship allows me to make my drop in the ocean."

Health and nutrition was always in the genes for Amber as her great-grandfather opened the first ever health food store in Australia, Blooms Health Food. He later sold the franchise to Blooms Chemist.

Amber's aspirations for the future do not stop with her undergraduate degree.

"I hope to travel to India and study ayervedic, ( an ancient Indian system of native medicine) practices first hand."