Learning and teaching

Group learningOur degrees are designed to challenge, support and inspire our students through a learning environment that blends academic and professional training.  We support our students to aspire to be leaders in their field of endeavour and competitive on the world stage.

Responsive teaching

Our academic staff rank among the best educators and researchers in the country. We have achieved an esteemed profile through employing national and international leaders in medical and health sciences, all of whom are supported by fit for purpose infrastructure, governance and resources. We also offer a Certificate in Clinical Teaching and Supervision designed to broaden the educational skills and understanding of any doctors who teach medical students.

Many of our academic staff are internationally recognised researchers, and active in the University's Priority Research Centres.

Combination of delivery

Both our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees use a combination of educational delivery modes including face-to-face, distance (both offshore and onshore) and mixed mode deliveries. Our students use innovative and state-of-the art educational technology to supplement their face-to-face lectures, tutorials and experiential learning gained through clinical placements and simulated learning environments.

Problem-based learning

We are proud to be the pioneers of a combination of problem-based learning and an experimental and contextual approach to teaching and learning. This technique ensures that what you learn is truly patient focused, relevant and practical.

We have been using this technique for over 25 years with great success and it is now implemented by others around the country and used extensively across our degrees.

Hands-onHands on

Our degree programs are focused on the education of professionals. For many of our degrees clinical placements start in your first year of study and continue throughout your degree providing you with substantial clinical experience in a variety of settings. This ensures you are continually putting into practice the theory and hands-on skills you learn throughout the degree.

No matter which degree program you study, you will establish close practical links with your chosen field through Local Health Districts, private hospitals and community services, or through industry involvement.

Highly employable

Our blended learning environment of discipline education and professional training produces graduates who are career ready and regarded as among the best in the country. From a number of our programs, graduates are actively recruited before completing their degree.