You can log into myHub through myUoN for simple administration activities such as updating your contact details, enrolling and re-enrolling, making payments and viewing details of your degree. More complex administration tasks are below.

You can apply to upgrade from a Masters program to a PhD program after two semesters of full-time enrolment or four semesters of part-time enrolment. You must apply to upgrade and you must also be confirmed in your new program. It is recommended that the upgrade process be undertaken as part of the confirmation process. Refer to the transfer of program variation form (PDF, 322KB) and the confirmation guidelines (PDF, 164KB).

There are also opportunities to downgrade from a Doctorate to a Masters program or to transfer sideways to another program. The transfer of program variation form should also be used for these purposes.

The length of time permitted for your program is:

  • two years full-time or part-time equivalent for a Masters degree
  • four years full-time or part-time equivalent for a PhD degree

You may request an extension if your research has been interrupted. International candidates may only extend their programs under compassionate or compelling circumstances or where documented intervention strategies have been implemented. Applications must be supported by the supervisors and Head of School and approved by the Faculty Assistant Dean Research Training. You must complete an extension to candidature form (PDF, 261KB) detailing the reasons for extension request and provide a completion plan, including the anticipated submission date, giving details of tasks and timelines.

You may request leave of absence for one or two semesters after you complete one full-time or two part-time years. Leave will not normally be granted for more than twelve months and must be sought before the semester in which you want the leave of absence to start.

Formal application must be made using leave of absence variation form (PDF, 114KB) and approval must be obtained from your supervisor, Head of School and Assistant Dean Research Training.

Scholarship holders will have their scholarship suspended when a leave of absence is approved.

If you want to withdraw from your research program you need to advise the Office of Graduate Studies by either:

The withdrawal will be effective from the date that the letter or email was sent. Scholarships will also end on the same date.

If you withdraw before the census date, your enrolment for that semester will be dropped and will not be included in the calculation of time spent enrolled in a research higher degree.

If you withdraw from a program and wish to start again at a later date, you will need to re-apply.

You are welcome to discuss any of your concerns with staff in the Office of Graduate Studies, your Head of School, research convener or Assistant Dean Research Training at any time. Should we not be able to resolve your concerns you may access the University complaints process.

A student complaint may flow from any aspect of a student's educational experience at the University which is considered unfair, unjust or unreasonable.