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The Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE) undertakes interdisciplinary, international and collaborative research designed to create the highest standards in equity practice locally, nationally and globally.  CEEHE combines the University of Newcastle's extensive experience of equity initiatives locally with the widely acknowledged research expertise of its staff in this field to offer global leadership.


The University of Newcastle is deeply committed to providing global leadership in the field of equity in higher education, informed by its international and interdisciplinary research profile and agenda.

This commitment is rooted in its unique history of providing transformative higher educational opportunities to students from historically underrepresented groups.

A key principle guiding CEEHE is that access to and participation in higher education of the highest quality is one of the most powerful ways for a nation to ensure social equity, cultural cohesion and respect for difference, economic stability and democratic participation.


CEEHE is a unique, collaborative and interdisciplinary 'research hub' that:

  • Drives the research agenda in its field and has established a leading international profile and strategic partnerships related to access and participation through CEEHE's Global Innovation Chairs of Equity;
  • Provides a robust suite of multidisciplinary, cutting edge research programs to provide leadership in equity globally;
  • Develops innovative methodologies for equity research and practice that reshape and impact educational systems in Australia and internationally;
  • Attracts equity scholars of international standing through a 'Visiting Scholars' Program that fosters collaboration and develops high quality equity practices;
  • Provides mobility opportunities for our leading researchers in the field of equitable higher education to share their knowledge with others around the world;
  • Facilitates seminars and workshops that address complex challenges facing the higher education sector in relation to equity.

This highly collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research will have a significant impact on how universities attract, retain and nurture students from diverse backgrounds.

The outcome will be the creation of systems and practices that will provide new ways of working with students from historically under-represented backgrounds, commencing in primary school, and supporting students through to higher education as lifelong learners.