Academic and Student Expectations (ASE)

University policies detail what is expected of students and of staff. The Code of Conduct describes the values to which the University is committed as Honesty Fairness Trust Accountabilityand Respect. Academic Senate, the academic governing body of the University, interprets these values as meaning:

Academic staff will:

  1. Be well prepared and arrive on time for classes
  2. Provide all relevant information about programs, courses, assessments, professional placements etc. as soon as possible
  3. Provide clear guidelines, instructions and marking criteria to students with the details of an assessment task
  4. Provide constructive and timely feedback on major assessment tasks
  5. Be available to students in each course they teach at times indicated publicly on the course handbook, UoN website and on their office door
  6. Respond promptly to requests for information, usually within 3 working days
  7. Be sensitive to students’ individual circumstances and special needs that may impact on their class participation and learning
  8. Treat all students and other staff respectfully.

Students will:

  1. Participate and engage in all courses in which they are enrolled (remembering 120-140 hours of effort or load is expected per 10 unit course)
  2. Take responsibility for their own learning and accessing additional help, if needed or recommended by staff
  3. Read prescribed materials and submit assessments when due
  4. Act ethically and honestly in the preparation and submission of all assessment items and reports
  5. Consult the program convenor or course co-ordinator early if having difficulties with a course, assessment etc.
  6. Respond promptly to requests for information, usually within 3 working days
  7. Provide honest and constructive feedback on programs and courses when opportunities present
  8. Frequently access student email and BlackBoard as important information is distributed via them
  9. Recognise academic staff have multiple roles, including teaching, research and administration
  10. Treat other students and all staff respectfully.

Code of Conduct website: Click here or go to

For more information, search the online policy library. Remember, policies can change.