Results determine whether you can graduate, progress within your course, or may have won an award.

So it’s important you know when they are released, how to find them and what your results mean in the context of your grade point average.

There are also cases where you can also appeal a result.

For a list of dates regarding when results are released, see below.

You can check your final course results at myHub through myUoN – head to the myHub icon and then select My Academics.

The results for individual assessment tasks are usually published on Blackboard when your Course Coordinator has completed marking.

You will not be able to see your results if you have a hold on your account. A hold may be placed on your account to block student privileges for the following reasons:

  • you have overdue fees or charges;
  • you have library fines;
  • you have a Mandatory To Do List to complete in myHub; or
  • you have modules to complete in UONline

If you have a hold on your account, you will be unable to view your exam results, obtain a transcript, enrol or graduate until the hold has been removed. Please visit myHub to view your account for details of any overdue payments or fines. If Library fines and payments are made at Student Payments, your account will be updated immediately but if payments are made online through myHub, your account will be updated that evening. The process for removal may take a few days if any overdue charges are paid via an external agency (at Australia Post or through BPay).

If you see an amount showing in myHub, but are not able to see details of what this is or the option to pay online is no longer available, you will need to contact to confirm the details and have this amount reallocated to your online account. You can then clear this debt by making a payment using a Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card on myHub.

Your academic performance for your courses are usually graded at the end of each term.

HD High Distinction 85 - 100
D Distinction 75 - 84
C Credit 65 - 74
P Pass 50 - 64
UP Ungraded pass There are no marks associated with this result, and you have met the level requirements to pass the course.
FF Fail  

Administrative codes

Incomplete. Not all the information is available to calculate a mark at this stage. Reasons for this may be that you still need to provide an assessment requirement or that the lecturer has yet to complete the marking (excludes sitting a supplementary exam during the supplementary exam period). If you are unsure about the reasons for this mark you should contact your school office. 'I' results are automatically converted to 'FF' after 90 days.

Special Consideration/Adverse Circumstances. The result is pending the outcome of a supplementary exam that will be sat during the supplementary exam period. 'S' results are automatically converted to 'FF' after 180 days if the result is not amended.

Withdrawn No Penalty. Used where a student withdraws from a course by the relevant prescribed date; or a student is permitted to withdraw without penalty by the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Faculty and/or the Academic Senate in accordance with the relevant University policy or procedure; or a student is permitted by the Head of School to withdraw without penalty due to an administrative error. Please note: WW grades do not appear on Official Academic Transcripts.

Grade not applicable.

Grade or score not applicable.

The University of Newcastle’s reputation as a world-class university is in no small way down to the academic achievements of our students.

Each term, the University’s top-performing students are recognised for their efforts and successes by way of awards, medals and prizes.

To find out if you are on track for an academic award, speak to your Course Coordinator.

University Medal Recipients

Your academic transcript, or Statement of Academic Record, is a document the University can provide to you which details your:

  • name
  • student number
  • program of study
  • term and courses enrolled in
  • courses’ unit value
  • marks for any courses completed
  • grades

If you have completed your program, the name of this qualification and the date qualified will also appear on your transcript.

Your transcript will contain a record of your grades in every course you have studied at the University, including in an enabling program (such as Open Foundation) or in previous degrees.

It cannot be amended and fail grades cannot be removed.

You can obtain your transcript:

You can appeal a final result if you believe:

  1. the mark for an assessment item(s) (including the final examination) is inconsistent with stated marking criteria;
  2. the type or weighting of an assessment item(s) differs from information in the course outline;
  3. the content or topic of an assessment item(s) does not reflect the content of the course; and
  4. extreme circumstances (such as extended hospitalisation) prevented you from submitting an Adverse Circumstances application at the appropriate time, including new information that has become available that could not have reasonably been provided earlier, and it is probable that this information would have affected the determination of adverse circumstances.

If you appeal a pass grade or higher, you'll need to pay a $50 fee, although this may be refunded if the grade changes in your favour.

If you're appealing a fail grade, you don't need to pay this fee.

In either case, you’ll need to address one or more of the appeal criteria as outlined in Section 20 of the Course Management and Assessment Procedure Manual.

How to appeal

Step 1

Contact your course coordinator or lecturer within three (3) University working days of their final result being published on myHub and ensure there hasn’t been a clerical error. If there is an error, your course coordinator or lecturer may simply correct it.

If there has been no error or you are dissatisfied with the result of your contact, or you are appealing under another approved criteria, complete the following steps.

Step 2

Submit an online appeal application within ten University working days of the official release of course results. You need to submit a separate application for each course result you wish to appeal.

If you've been unable to contact your course coordinator, still lodge your application within the ten day time period, while showing you've attempted to make contact but haven't been able to resolve the issue.

Student Hub staff or the Enquiry Centre can give you further advice if you have any issues submitting your appeal.

Step 3

Once you've lodged your application, it will firstly go back to your course coordinator to verify your marks and make any comments for consideration on your academic performance.

The College Progress and Appeals Committee then considers your application and will either reject or uphold your appeal.

If your appeal is rejected, you will be informed via email.

If your appeal is upheld, you will be informed via email and one of the following can occur:

  • Your assessment is remarked.
    Note: this doesn't guarantee you'll receive additional marks.
  • You complete an additional assessment or exam.
    Note: if you don't satisfactorily complete the additional assessment, the final mark may remain the same or be less than the mark originally awarded.
    If you're a potential graduate and you complete an additional assessment or exam, the maximum grade you can receive is 50.

JMP students

The process, protocols and paperwork are slightly different for Joint Medical Program (JMP) students who want to appeal against a final result.

JMP students will still need to speak to their course coordinator before submitting an appeal. Refer to Section 11 in the JMP Policy Manual.

Congratulations, graduation is the culmination of all your hard work and a tremendously exciting time.

But there’s still a lot to organise to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, with two of the most important being:

  1. Checking your Program Plan to make sure you’ve met all of the commitments required to complete your program of study. If you’re not quite sure or need a hand checking your program, contact your Academic Program Advisor.
  2. Ensuring your contact details are up-to-date in myHub so you don't miss any of the important graduation information. Make sure you include your mobile number as we will be sending you an SMS when registration for graduation opens.
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