Save money on fuel and wear and tear on your car with our online carpooling which matches you with people to share the drive to Newcastle campus.


Carpooling is a great way to share fuel costs, reduce wear and tear on your car and limit carbon emissions.

We have an online carpooling service to make it easier for students and staff to form carpools to our Newcastle campus at Callaghan. You can register for a journey as either a passenger or driver.

We have 39 dedicated carpooling parking bays for carpool users.

Registering for carpooling

To sign up and find people to share your journey, visit our online carpooling system. Fill in your details and then you will be able to find people to carpool with.

Carpooling permit

To park in carpooling parking bays you need a carpooling permit. To get a permit visit Infrastructure and Facilities Services in the Services Building between 8.00am and 5.00pm. Only 80 permits are available each semester.

Carpooling permits are issued free but you need to display in conjunction with a valid paid parking permit. Traffic and parking rules apply.